Doom Bar

by theodorehammond

My sudden decision to get involved in the blogging phenomenon, despite enjoying the joys of twitter for years now, came half way through a pint of Doom Bar. Strangely it was one of my first forays into the world of ‘beer’, with it coming the joys of getting older, so what more appropriate way I thought to begin. I plan here to discuss pastimes that the world over should really think about enjoying. Simply, Beer/Food/Fashion and Technology, which I think fall hand in hand. I shall start here with a brief overview of Sharps ‘Doom Bar’.

For any of those who take any degree of pleasure in British pub culture, or ale for that matter, will have no doubt come across Doom Bar. For those who havent if you ever find yourself in a situation face with a landlord, a busy crowd behind you and a wall of pumps spread with confusing ale titles and curious labels, Doom Bar is always a good call for the first timer. Its a great introduction, showcasing some of the best produce found in traditional local breweries, if you are new to ale, head for Doom Bar, you cant go wrong.

Abv: 4.0%

Style: Best Bitter

Taste: Smooth, nutty and very creamy. Finishes with malty and slightly citrus tones