Snuff Boxes

by theodorehammond

Now, I have never smoked and probably never will, but this summer I stumbled upon snuff as an alternative for a habit I never had. I like the smell of tobacco however, until somebody sets fire to it, then i literally cant stand it, strange really. But anyway I brought myself a snuff box (unsurprisingly its not the easiest thing to come by, it does not appear on the shelves of your local convenience store) and now I rarely leave the house without it.

Selection of Snuff Boxes & Tins

Now for those of you who now find themselves standing outside a bar or restaurant in the pouring rain trying unsuccessfully to light a cigarette, or those who have been “giving up” for what seems like forever, Snuff is a fantastic alternative, As its tagline goes “Smokeless Tobacco Enjoyment”. And the best thing about Snuff is its price, as not subject to the same import duties as cigaretts, a box of snuff will set you back no more than a few quid, and will last you up to a month.

A box of Poschl Tabak menthol snuff (my preferred choice) – £1.65

Where to Buy: Snuff is not that easy to come by at you local store, but you can find it at a proper tobacconist or in the Selfridges Wine & Spirit Store (London)

How to Take: Tap a small quantity of snuff between you thumb and forefinger, or on the back of your hand, put close to you nose and gently inhale.

Best Brands: Gletscher Prise Menthol or Extra, Lowen Prise, Red Bull.

Types: Most snuff tends to be menthol flavoured, but there is a hugh range of flavour available.