by theodorehammond

I know that Campari has been getting a great deal of bad press in the past, and is not on the top of many people ‘favoured drinks lists’, but it has remained a favourite of mine for years. Campari is an alcoholic aperitif obtained from the infusion of  herbs and fruit in alcohol and water. It is a bitters characterised by its dark red color. Campari is Synonymous with long evenings and Italian summers, and its true to say that this is when Campari is best enjoyed.

Old Campari Poster – Italy

Now if your ever in Italy, a sample of Campari (in any form) is a must, there are 3 concoctions that are Campari staples, and I can strongly recommend all three. However if you find yourself stuck attempting to enjoy the most of the British summer a Campari Cocktail will brighten up any even drinks soiree, A 700ml bottle will set you back around £13 in most retailers.


– 1 oz Gin
– 1 oz Campari
– 3/4 oz Sweet Vermouth

Combine all ingredients in an ice filled shaker. Shake until well chilled and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a burnt orange.

Best Enjoyed: Between 5pm  and 7pm (aperitivo hour) in any good Italian bar.

Campari and Orange

6 ice cubes

1/4 cup Campari

1/2 cup freshly squeezed orange juice1

1/2 cups sparkling water (recommended: San Pelligrino)

Orange slice, halved.

Pour the Campari into an ice filled glass, top with orange juice and sparking water.

Best Enjoyed: In a cafe after a hot day around town, in your garden anytime.

Campari Soda

As the name suggests

Available in pre mixed bottles (on the continent only)

Best Enjoyed: With lunch or early afternoon drink.