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I know that Campari has been getting a great deal of bad press in the past, and is not on the top of many people ‘favoured drinks lists’, but it has remained a favourite of mine for years. Campari is an alcoholic aperitif obtained from the infusion of  herbs and fruit in alcohol and water. It is a bitters characterised by its dark red color. Campari is Synonymous with long evenings and Italian summers, and its true to say that this is when Campari is best enjoyed.

Old Campari Poster – Italy

Now if your ever in Italy, a sample of Campari (in any form) is a must, there are 3 concoctions that are Campari staples, and I can strongly recommend all three. However if you find yourself stuck attempting to enjoy the most of the British summer a Campari Cocktail will brighten up any even drinks soiree, A 700ml bottle will set you back around £13 in most retailers.


– 1 oz Gin
– 1 oz Campari
– 3/4 oz Sweet Vermouth

Combine all ingredients in an ice filled shaker. Shake until well chilled and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a burnt orange.

Best Enjoyed: Between 5pm  and 7pm (aperitivo hour) in any good Italian bar.

Campari and Orange

6 ice cubes

1/4 cup Campari

1/2 cup freshly squeezed orange juice1

1/2 cups sparkling water (recommended: San Pelligrino)

Orange slice, halved.

Pour the Campari into an ice filled glass, top with orange juice and sparking water.

Best Enjoyed: In a cafe after a hot day around town, in your garden anytime.

Campari Soda

As the name suggests

Available in pre mixed bottles (on the continent only)

Best Enjoyed: With lunch or early afternoon drink.


Winter Coats

What is a man without a long winter coat in his wardrobe. Here are three of this seasons best.

Paul Smith – Double Breasted Coat – £915

Burberry London – Wool Overcoat with Shearling Callar – £1,295

J. Crew – Mayfair Wool-Blend Coat – £400

Snuff Boxes

Now, I have never smoked and probably never will, but this summer I stumbled upon snuff as an alternative for a habit I never had. I like the smell of tobacco however, until somebody sets fire to it, then i literally cant stand it, strange really. But anyway I brought myself a snuff box (unsurprisingly its not the easiest thing to come by, it does not appear on the shelves of your local convenience store) and now I rarely leave the house without it.

Selection of Snuff Boxes & Tins

Now for those of you who now find themselves standing outside a bar or restaurant in the pouring rain trying unsuccessfully to light a cigarette, or those who have been “giving up” for what seems like forever, Snuff is a fantastic alternative, As its tagline goes “Smokeless Tobacco Enjoyment”. And the best thing about Snuff is its price, as not subject to the same import duties as cigaretts, a box of snuff will set you back no more than a few quid, and will last you up to a month.

A box of Poschl Tabak menthol snuff (my preferred choice) – £1.65

Where to Buy: Snuff is not that easy to come by at you local store, but you can find it at a proper tobacconist or in the Selfridges Wine & Spirit Store (London)

How to Take: Tap a small quantity of snuff between you thumb and forefinger, or on the back of your hand, put close to you nose and gently inhale.

Best Brands: Gletscher Prise Menthol or Extra, Lowen Prise, Red Bull.

Types: Most snuff tends to be menthol flavoured, but there is a hugh range of flavour available.

Walking Canes

It has come to my attention that there is a distinct lack of men using canes, not that at any point there was a surplus of cane users, but I feel its a situation that should be swiftly changed. By the time men stopped carrying swords on their person at all times (probably for the best), the cane became an essential member of a gentlemen’s wardrobe. Im not saying that all men should carry a cane on their person at all times (appart from those with a bad leg of course), but all should own at least one. Ill admit, mine stays resting upon my desk for the most part, but if I feel particularly inclined I occasionally take it out for a stroll, and I can happily report that it does give one a certain strange sense of authority, and who doesn’t like that once in a while. When it comes to Walking Canes you can go one of two ways, town or country, and honestly it depends on your style afflictions, personally I like a silver topped country cane. However because of the distinct, and very sad, lack of demand walking canes are not always easy to come by, but for those of you living in London, or even Britain, there is only one choice for canes, James Smith & Sons Umbrellas, New Oxford Street. One final point remains, for those who dont feel the need to keep a walking cane on their person, there are other solutions, most importantly the umbrella, the perfect half way house between form and function (even when its not raining, you never know in Britain). Finally for the slightly more eccentric of us there is the speciality cane, the Drinking, Dagger or Corkscrew cane. Whatever you inclination, the joy of holding a walking cane or sleek umbrella in your hand as you wander round town is a feeling not to be missed.

James Smith & Sons (Estd 1819)

James Smith & Sons Drinking Cane – £455

Doom Bar

My sudden decision to get involved in the blogging phenomenon, despite enjoying the joys of twitter for years now, came half way through a pint of Doom Bar. Strangely it was one of my first forays into the world of ‘beer’, with it coming the joys of getting older, so what more appropriate way I thought to begin. I plan here to discuss pastimes that the world over should really think about enjoying. Simply, Beer/Food/Fashion and Technology, which I think fall hand in hand. I shall start here with a brief overview of Sharps ‘Doom Bar’.

For any of those who take any degree of pleasure in British pub culture, or ale for that matter, will have no doubt come across Doom Bar. For those who havent if you ever find yourself in a situation face with a landlord, a busy crowd behind you and a wall of pumps spread with confusing ale titles and curious labels, Doom Bar is always a good call for the first timer. Its a great introduction, showcasing some of the best produce found in traditional local breweries, if you are new to ale, head for Doom Bar, you cant go wrong.

Abv: 4.0%

Style: Best Bitter

Taste: Smooth, nutty and very creamy. Finishes with malty and slightly citrus tones